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The best balance we can find between a great racing fit, protection from adverse conditions and a great versatility.
Fiandre Collection

Fiandre, since it was created, represents one of the most important lines in our collection. It represents the perfect match between our values and the needs of the market.

Fiandre is famous to be the best balance available in terms of racing fit, weather protection, and versatility. New technical solutions and fresh colorways to push your limits on the road, whatever the weather.
Fiandre Collection

Let us be straight-forward and clear: Fiandre products are the best balance we can find (and we bet you can find on the market) between a great racing fit, protection from adverse conditions and a great versatility.

It’s a fine line, because they clearly go in opposite directions. You want to boost a tight fit? You need to work with elastic, stretch fabrics, but you compromise protection. You want something 100% rainproof? You need to use too heavy membranes and you sacrifice watts and you get something un-useable in better conditions.

Fiandre is our vision of the perfect balance among the three and the result is a line that’s perfect for racing in adverse or variable conditions.
We called it Fiandre, Flanders in Italian, because that’s the place where you are most likely to face these conditions. And because it’s where we came up with the idea and tested it with our best pros throughout the years, winning a race or two.

Keeping that as the main concept we moved the variables in the equation: that’s why you will find a range of different jackets, featuring different membrane, fabrics and details. They all share the goal and the concept, but each of them works perfectly in different conditions.

Discover the whole Fiandre Collection and enjoy your experiences.
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