In Flanders fields the poppies blow, John McCrae’s poem goes.

It was written in Belgium during the First World War and still today, more than 100 years later, the red poppies are the most famous symbol to remember the conflict. It is said that it was the first flower to blossom after the war.

When the poem was composed, the Tour of Flanders was already born. One of the oldest cycling events in the world, it’s been rolling up and down the Vlaanderen region since 1913. Its charm grows year by year, as more great performances add to the legend and history of the Ronde.

It’s a tough land for tough people. Paul Deman was the first winner of the Ronde. Later, he was captured in WWI, kept as a war prisoner and sentenced to death. Still, he managed to escape and after the conflict, he won both Paris-Roubaix and Paris-Tours. In Paul, there was the spirit of a Flemish cyclist - you give your best through the worst, always.

Because this is what Flanders are - harsh lands forged by history and battles, by cobbles and rain. And this is what the Ronde is - a race where only the best persevere through the worst.

Many of the greatest Sportful riders managed to tame the Flanders beast - Museeuw, Cancellara, Nuyens, Sagan. Throughout the years, we’ve listened to our champions and got their feedback. For every rider, this was the key - clothing designed to excel in variable weather conditions. Up on the bergs and down through the Flanders fields, against strong winds and sudden rainfall - this is how our Fiandre line was born.

Fiandre is the Italian name for the Vlaanderen region and the line was designed to deal with variable weather conditions. It’s not just about rainwear here. Just like a typical Flemish day can change between sunshine and pouring rain, between wind shifts and temperature drops - Fiandre is designed to protect you throughout your ride. Especially if you are not turning back and you want to keep on riding, no matter what.

With Fiandre, we select the best fabrics combined with a unique style and crucial details - you will feel how important they are out there. We developed these products precisely from the feedback of the tough and the brave. And seriously - Fiandre suits you just the same as it does our champions.

Also, Fiandre guarantees a full-year protection, as the products are not specifically designed for winter time. Fiandre Light items are great during mild summer mornings or in wet autumn rides. You can choose your level of weather protection depending on the conditions and on your preferences. Even a NoRain Vest can make all the difference on the right day.

The line covers a full range of products to protect your body, head to toe. Don’t miss the accessories - you will see what difference a cold-and-wet weather cap, or a maximum protection bootie can make out there in the rain.

Waterproof, windproof, breahable, fully taped seams, total comfort seatpads... These are just words until you feel the rain, the wind, the cold. Or until you don’t. Because this is what we want from Fiandre - another great day on the bike, no matter the conditions.

You can easily recognise our Fiandre line from the red stripe on the left shoulder, or along the bibs and the accessories. Just like a red poppy in the Flanders fields.

Prepare for the worst. Expect the best. This is Fiandre.