There are times when you stop and ask yourself why you’re doing something. Often the reason is clear, but sometimes not knowing is valuable.
It’s good to realize that you just had an idea — it seemed great, maybe a little crazy, or maybe interesting — and you decided that it could become your mission.
Your new big goal.
So you decided to set out, without a real reason and without a real plan.

This is what happened to Veronika, Florian, and Sam.
You know Zwift and the “Tour of Fire and Ice” route? It’s a route inside the virtual world that takes you from a volcano to a snowy mountain.
They wondered: What if we were to try that in real life?

There’s no specific destination, and no real reason to do it. Not even a plan. Just the desire to see how high they can get on a volcano and on a glacier.
The route is a little rough and a little improvised, and the destination not precisely determined. They’re just riding — and pushing their bikes a little — as far as possible, to see where their legs take them.

You don’t always need to have a goal. Sometimes it’s enough to just do things because you want to, and to stop when you feel the need.

Sometimes — quite often, actually — it’s about the experience.
It’s not about an objective.
It’s not about a plan.