You can’t wait.
You can’t wait for nice weather.
You can’t wait for the right temperature.
You can’t wait for what you’re doing to make sense to those who ride with you in the summer or for your mom to stop looking at you from the window, predictably shaking her head while you close the door and press “start” on your Garmin.
You can’t wait because you simply need to go out and feed your curiosity and your desire to know.
Winter, here, is your ally.

An easy and busy summer route can become a little adventure: the terrain becomes difficult, the temperature is low, the rifugi are closed.
It’s a paradox, but adventure is right there within reach. And you, who can’t wait to find yourself alone in the middle of a forest, to see a place from a different perspective, and to find out what’s behind that rock — you feel damn good.
Winter belongs to those who feel these things deeply.

It’s all about your nature.