Hot Pack NoRain UltraLight Jacket


1101628-012 | SILVER

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High-Performance Awesomeness

This is high-performance gear. I bought a "Sportful Hot Pack Hi-Viz Norain Jacket M" and it's AWESOME. Just note that the lining is EXTREMELY fragile. Normally when I get home, I throw all my gear in the washer, jacket included, all inside-out. A hang it dry with a dehumidifier (which is the best way to gently dry your gear -- if you don't have one, get one and through it in your laundry room and install a closet clothes hanger in there -- awesome.) I've learned, however, that this jacket should just be washed periodically, and right-side-out, since the lining will start to tear. Eventually it will tear all over, but it's still an excellent jacket. Just be gentle with it. As I write this, I'm trying to find a replacement to by, of the same model. Mine still works very well even though the lining is largely gone, though unfortunately the lining tears are visible through the outer layer. I use this for long-distance cycling, running, and AT skiing, daily. I wear it (with some layers underneath) even when it's -25C. In spite of the delicate lining, I'm giving it fice stars because it performs so well, the cut is great, it's light, and it's really just the best high-performance racing jacket I've ever tried that handles a lot of different weather. Submitted on  02 April 2019  by  Tim Young



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