After months in the making, we’re super excited to offer the full feature length film of @SharedTerritory and their north to south Trans-Icelandic bike journey!

Facing rugged conditions and absolute solitude, Remi and Justin made their way from the Arctic Circle to the black sands of VIK, Iceland’s southernmost point.

The ever-changing weather both helped carve the dramatic backdrop and challenged gear selection. Mother nature threw a lot at the guys, and Iceland definitely proved to be a playground for serious adventure.

Bikepacking across varied terrain and conditions always truly test the planning ahead of the trip, but the unexpected situations you encounter along the way are some of the most memorable moments of the journey. From the people you meet along the way, to unforeseen obstacles, Remi and Justin experienced the trip of a lifetime.

We really hope you enjoy the movie! For Q&A and more in-depth information on the film, please visit the Shared Territory webpage.