Post Work Shred Or All Day Adventure

Post-work shred or all day adventure, the pure exhilaration of riding your bike as hard you can is an intoxicating feeling.

Escapism from the traffic, from your thoughts. Exploration near or far from home. We ride the “road less travelled”, no matter what the surface; single track or wide open fire road.

As the gravel bikes have evolved, so has the ability to ride further, faster, without the debilitating mechanicals of old. While you could argue any bike is a “gravel bike”, having the right tool for the job is invaluable and ultimately makes the experience more fun

As with the bikes, the Giara line has evolved, meeting our own riding needs, riding further and faster without compromise and ultimately with a smile on our faces. The Stoke is high!

Rather than eschew all we’ve learned from decades of manufacturing cycling apparel and riding, we have created an apparel line that matches the demands of mixed surface terrain, allowing you to chase the high.

Late afternoon roll out – we hit the trails that traverse Mount Tampalpais, the birth place of mountain biking

The challenging Eldridge Grade. A layer of loose, dusty dirt covers the protruding rocks beneath. Traction is hard to find as we navigate our way up. Breathing hard, looking for the smoothest line.

The effort made all the more worthwhile.

Send it! A ripping descent, whoops and hollers all the way down.

Dust is kicked up as we skim down the trail. We can almost taste that beer!

Beers & Tacos: Best recovery food ever!

Words: Paul Whitfield Photo Credits: Christopher Keiser