Choosing clothing and choosing a destination are often two completely unrelated decisions, in many cases by necessity or due to differences in timing. In short, you choose a jersey in a shop or in front of your computer at one point in time, and decide on a bike ride or a vacation at another.

There are many examples of situations in which an object takes on meaning due to the context, the circumstances, who designs his buildings starting from the context, so that they’re part of the environment in which they will be built. Known for their minimalist style, the tactile quality of their materials, and the careful use of light, his structures exemplify the harmony between architecture and context.

On a bike ride, the setting is always critical in defining an experience. Being in harmony with the place can be fundamental. But what does it mean to be in harmony with the context? First, it means having the inclination to explore it, to discover what it has to offer. To talk to the local residents and taste the local specialties. It means understanding the place and experiencing it with the right attitude.

And then, sometimes, it can mean trying to be part of it visually as well — trying to become part of the context.To be in harmony with, or in calculated contrast to, the colors of the place. We tried it riding between the white towns of Apulia with our Monocrom jerseys.
Solid natural colors against the white background and among the Apulian olive trees. To be part of the context during two days of riding in which we genuinely felt in harmony with the place we were exploring. Sometimes choosing your outfit is part of the experience. It’s not about a cycling kit.