Squadra Avventura - Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is a well-known tourist destination for outdoor adventurers, with a striking photographic backdrop of bright red sandstone formations. It also happens to be the home of spiritual vortexes, drawing those looking for healing and transformation. In our case, we chose Sedona simply because it offers fantastic cycling, with the potential of a vortex experience an added bonus.


Emily, Mandi, Remi, and Justin made up our team of super cyclists and vortex hunters. With open minds and eagerness, we explored the gravel in and around Sedona for two days. While we felt almost encased by the surrounding beauty and magic of the landscape, our hopes were high yet our expectations were measured. As Justin put it: “You can’t find the vortex, the vortex finds you; you’ve just gotta be prepared for it.”


Early on the first day, we arrived at Boynton Canyon, dismounted our bikes (no riding allowed), hiked to the top of the hill, and…well, we weren’t quite sure.


While our vortexing experiences were varied, we didn’t all definitively experience something monumental. But upon further reflection and discussion, we all felt something. Whether you experience the energy of a vortex physically or metaphysically, riding the red sand and stone roads of the Sedona Desert is guaranteed to elicit some emotion. For better or for worse, we continued our ride with more questions – and a great deal more curiosity – than we had at its beginning.


There were parts of the road – and there’s no way of getting around this – that were just plain rough. At these points, cycling became a bit of a game for all of us. A game of survival, a game of trying not to be conquered by the terrain, a game of not having our bikes become the wreckage and loser of a battle with rocks which seemed to both be hardening and increasing in size as the day wore on.


Two days of adventure left us parched and exhausted, but full of energy and enthusiasm, although our bodies were battered, bruised, and beat up from the days spent exploring the rough and tumble high desert roads. We came to Sedona in search of great riding and vortexes, and we found so much more; it’s truly a magical and mystical place full of beauty and inspiration around every curve in the road and with each turn of the pedal.


And those vortexes? Well, we all definitely felt something special, and we each walked away with a different understanding and appreciation of vortexes than when we headed to Sedona for our first ride. Call it enhanced spirituality, call it a transformative process, or call it hocus pocus; either way, we’d encourage you to head down to Sedona and find out for yourselves.