Beking Events - Monaco 2021

A return to sport experienced and practiced live, the possibility of experiencing first-hand the emotions of a challenge between great cycling champions. A bike festival that will bring people closer to soft mobility in an atmosphere full of positive energy with the ultimate goal of supporting fundraising for two charities.


An event format designed and developed by the athletes, based on the specific needs and expectations of professional cyclists.
Monte Carlo, a unique city in the world, the ideal location to savor the beauty of cycling on a previously unseen city circuit.


Monaco Beking was conceived as a cycling festival, but it is much more than that!
The ultimate aim of the event is to make an active contribution to raising funds for two charitable foundations, concretely supporting their activities and shedding light on issues of particular social relevance.
Sport gives rise to extraordinary opportunities that can have a tangible impact on the social fabric.


The event has the ambition to leave a noticeable impact and legacy to the city, not only by creating a route that can be replicated and reused throughout the year for events dedicated to the public, but also to raise awareness among the local population with initiatives related to electric and sustainable mobility.
The chance of being able to go from theory to practice in a blink of an eye, at a stone’s throw from home.