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Jean Sulpice, when cycling meets starred kitchen

Heat is of the utmost importance for a cook. Flames lie at the core of everything. They control the degree of cooking and bring out a distinctive texture and flavour in every dish. But they also epitomise feeling and passion; they symbolise a sacred age-old fire which reverberates with deep-seated emotions. They represent an ancestral lure which guides him through the creative process. This is exactly why flames, and especially heat, are essential tools for a cook.

Chefs are men of fire who have made of flames a trade and an art.

Jean Sulpice is a man of fire who has used flames to express his concept of freedom and transformed the kitchen into his home. 

Chef Sulpice is a man of fire who uses the “coup de feu” (a term that indicates that rush of diners all arriving at once) as a spark to get all revved up in the kitchen as he concocts a refined, harmonious and elegant culinary offering that sets the world on fire. 

The highest performance at the highest temperatures - this is an approach to life for Chef Sulpice and not just a profession. And while Chef Sulpice expresses his creativity in the kitchen, it is on his bike that he fuels this flair because it feeds into his philosophy: cooking according to nature. 

Chef Sulpice sees cycling as complementary to his love for cooking. Two passions that intertwine: 

“What is fantastic about cycling is that you can do a sport surrounded by nature - up to the top of a hill - and stay tuned to the rhythm of the seasons. My job requires me to be keyed to seasonal shifts. Everything revolves around autumn, spring and summer...and I love to observe the changes when I’m out on my bike. Nature differs according to the season and it invites you to experience and enjoy these changes.”


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