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STRADE BIANCHE: ride into the legend.

Strade Bianche 2023: the countdown is now on. Less than one month and we will be catapulted among the Sienese hills immersed in the breathtaking landscapes and the rhythm of the competition. How to prepare for the race? Here below our advice!

STRADE BIANCHE: history and emotions

We are in Tuscany, where everything started, between the hills of Chianti, San Gimignano, Siena and Montalcino... in short, among some of the most beautiful and envied places in the world.  That’s where the Grandondo Strade Bianche comes to life. The race, which in a few years, has managed to win prestige and international fame in a completely natural way.

Founded in 2007, the Strade Bianche is the youngest of the Classics in Europe. Esteemed and appreciated by athletes and visitors from all over the world, this race is not a simple dirty roads competition but it is an Italian icon. Strade Bianche recalls strong suggestions in cycling. Dirt, mud and gravel are uncommon elements in road cycling but, as long as they come together, they create an explosion of legendary unforgettable moments. Legendary moments marked by great riders who have made the history of cycling. Memorable are the three victories of the Swiss Fabian Cancellara, the first rider to whom was dedicated a stretch in dirt; the victory of Alaphilippe before graduating world champion, Mathieu Van Der Poel on the iconic walls and the progressions of the Belgian Wout Van Aert.


How to face the Granfondo Strade Bianche: tips and tricks 

As any other long distance race, Strade Bianche requires a proper physical and mental preparation. In fact, facing a race of this type requires cross preparation both on the off-road rides and dealing with unexpected issues. 

How to set the bicycle: riding on dirty roads

Off-road cycling is not complicated and challenging as facing the cobbles of Flanders but requires a certain familiarity and some special precautions. This is so as not to damage your bike and to achieve the performance and expectations. 

One of the biggest problems is punctures. This unforeseen situation can be reduced by choosing tubeless. In any case it is essential to have a repair kit and a couple of spare air chambers that can, for convenience, be taped on the frame. In addition to this we must also pay attention to the type of wheels chosen, these will also affect the performance and rigidity of the bicycle. 

How to dress: choosing the cycling kit

Now that the bike is ready to face the Sienese dirt, we need to think about the appropriate clothing for this race. Inside the race package there will be a Neo Jersey customized Strade Bianche and a technical vest - produced with Sitip fabrics - that can be used during the competition. Time, unfortunately, may not be on your side: you need to be ready for whatever situation arises. What we recommend is to have more options to opt considering both a winter kit or a spring one. The choice depends on the outside temperature and the intensity of the rhythm that you want to keep during the race. Surely what you can not miss is a protection to bring with you in case of sudden bad weather. 

What to eat during the competition:

During Strade Bianche, getting a good result is given by a set of factors that mix in a perfect alchemy: training, planning, mental preparation and adequate nutrition both in the days before and during the race. What is important is to manage the energies and efforts in the most performative way. The management of energy and intensity of the race is an extremely subjective element. Our advice is not to get caught up in the enthusiasm of the initial stages but to conserve some energy for the last 30 kilometers since they have considerable difficulties. To support you during the race, it is essential to bring, in the back pockets, everything you need to reintegrate. Studying the route and deciding in advance what is necessary, what refreshments there will be to fill the water bottles and eat is essential to complete the race without problems. 

For all the advice on the feeding plan to follow, we recommend that you contact the most experienced and partners of the race as Named Sport.


Strade Bianche 2023 Edition: the route 

The 2023 edition of Strade Bianche will start on Saturday, March 4, there are two routes both with arrival and departure in Siena: 

  • Gran Fondo Strade Bianche Long route (coincides with the Women Élite race): 142.5 km of which 54.7 km of dirt track
  • Gran Fondo Strade Bianche Short Route: 86.8 km including 21.6 km of dirt road

For more information on the race course and the organization, here are a few useful links: 

We are looking forward to meeting you on the dirt roads and sharing this experience together!

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