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Where do I find the washing instructions ?

This is a guide for your Sportful products and it is best practice for the majority of our garments. However, it is always necessary to read the care label before washing the garment.

    Rinse any mud or other deposits under a cold tap if still wet, or brush dried mud away with a soft brush. Empty out pockets (in case you leave a gel wrapper or oily rag).
    Turn all items inside out for washing and drying. This will help retain the vibrancy of printed colors & prolong the life of the fabric, avoid the possibility of the outer garment surface becoming pulled or snagged and protect any heat transfers.
  3. ZIP IT.
    Ensure all fastenings are done up. Zips, buttons, velcro (it’s best to wash any items that use velcro closures, such as gloves & overshoes, separately from items that have a high Lycra content, such as bibshorts, to avoid fabric damage).
    Keep the temperature down to 30° C or below if possible, most modern detergents and machines are able to operate effectively at lower temperatures. Keeping the wash cooler reduces the risk of any product shrinkage, membrane damage or colour bleeding. We recommend you avoid using fabric conditioners or softeners. Refrain from using bleaches or dyes. It’s also best not to tumble dry Sportful clothing or place items on radiators or other sources of direct heat.
  5. HANG OUT.
    To keep your Sportful clothing in good condition we recommend hanging it outside to dry. For shorts use the bibs to attach the garment to the washing line and if possible hang jerseys or jackets on a plastic hanger to allow airflow inside while they dry.

What should I do when my Sportful softshell jacket starts to absorb water?

Sportful water repellent and water resistant jackets or vests (products using DWR, NoRain, Softshell, Gore-Tex, Windstopper etc.) should be cleaned with a special detergent that cleanse the membrane fabric without damaging the fabrics functionality. Detergents for this purpose can be purchased in outdoor shops, large cycle retailers and online. Look for brands like Nikwax and Grangers which will be labeled with the type of product they are suitable & often endorsed by the fabric manufacturer.

Some of these garments have also been treated with a Durable Water-Repellant finish (DWR) keeping the outer fabric from becoming saturated so that breathability is not affected. This coating should be replenished periodically. Follow the specific product instructions for best results with the treatment, recommended brands include - Grangers, Nikwax TX-Direct and Tectron DWR Treatment. DWR can also be applied to NoRain products to increase the water repellency.

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