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SVG help

What is an SVG file?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a vector file format. Unlike pixel-based raster files like PNG or JPG,  SVGs can be expanded or reduced down to any size without a loss of quality. This is important when a large logo is placed on the front of your jersey, for example. A JPG or PNG logo, when enlarged, might not look great on your kit but a SVG logo will look crisp and clean.


Where can I find an SVG version of my logo?

Ask your sponsor to send you an SVG version of their logo. Most companies have a vector version of their logo and there’s a good chance they’ll have an SVG version or they can have someone convert the logo to SVG. Know a graphic designer? Ask if they can convert the logo. Remember, it has to have the .svg extension. We do not accept .ai or .eps files.

How do I make an SVG file?

  1. If you would like to convert a logo yourself, the most widely used program to create is Adobe Illustrator. Here are some tips on how to convert an image to SVG.
    Note: the maximum file size we allow is 500kb.
  2. If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator, try Inkscape, a free vector drawing tool.
    Note: you will have to download the Inkscape application.
    Note: the maximum file size we allow is 500kb

Are there websites that will convert my images to SVG?

We recommend using the following free websites to convert your images to our required SVG format:

  • Converting a JPG or PNG file to SVG
    These sites convert a basic logo to SVG. Not recommended for photos or complex, multi-color images.
    Adobe converter
  • Converting an EPS file to SVG
    These sites convert EPS files to SVG:
    Cloud convert
  • Converting a PDF file to SVG
    This site converts a PDF to SVG:

Are stock SVG images available?

Don’t have a logo but want to add some flare to your kit? This site has over 17,000 free SVG images to download. Scroll down to view all categories:

Is there a paid service I can use to convert my logo(s) to SVG?

Yes. Vector Design will convert your logo with prices starting at $5.

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