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Get ready for a complete overview of the region and an adventure like no other. The route crosses the rocky mountain ridges of the Dinaric Alps and its remote huts, the misty canyons and deep gorges of Tara and Piva rivers, and the Adriatic’s dramatic coastal cliffs. The endless landscapes of the Balkans are guaranteed to steal your heart!



So small you could drive across it in an afternoon and so vast you can take a different route every time you visit: Montenegro will never cease to amaze you! This country, nestled between the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and the shadows of the Dinaric Alps, is the perfect backdrop for a bikepacking ride you won’t forget! Crna Gora literally means “Black Mountain”, and while it’s the smallest country in Europe, it’s also the most biodiverse: a hidden gem boasting fairy-tale landscapes. Five unique National Parks protect these fragile ecosystems. And while the black mountains paint the edges of Montenegro, there’s much more to discover: verdant ridges, blooming highlands, turquoise rivers, dark gorges, karst fields, and rich cultural heritage. Embrace the beauty of the Balkans.

This is an adventure like no other. Forget everything you already know and push your boundaries to discover the fierce, untamed terrain of Montenegro’s mighty Mountains. Can you handle the Madness?


We designed the route to showcase the best the region has to offer while providing complete immersion in its remoteness (and reducing concrete to the minimum). However, we wanted to avoid pointless hike-a-bike sections: we like to ride as much as you do! The result is a route that doesn’t display excessive technical difficulties. The real challenge consists of the environment and the climbing. Do not underestimate potential dehydration where resupplies are spaced out.
You’ll get it all: from quiet paved secondary roads to gnarly double tracks!

Montenegro wild spaces are home to some of the most hospitable people you can meet: locals are incredibly generous hosts and welcome adventurers with open hearts. Even up in the most remote mountain stretches, you can expect friendly greetings and a genuine interest in your journey. You’re never too far from being invited for a coffee.

Wind your way through 700 km of trails&roads and 16000 m of vertical gain. Will it be enough to unveil the Shepherd’s Secret? There’s only one way to find out!


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