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Grasshopper Adventure Series

The Grasshopper Adventure Series is a spectacular gravel event that combines the thrill of exploration and camaraderie with a healthy dose of friendly competition, all set against a stunning Northern Californian backdrop.


If you ask anyone in the know, the Grasshopper Adventure Series is the OG “Gravel, come adventure series” in the USA. In its 27th Year, Miguel Crawford continues to raise the bar, creating events that will challenge you, fill you with awe, and ultimately leave you smiling with a post-race beer and burrito in hand!



Four events will shape the 2024 series and while the theme of embarking on an adventure connects each, the landscape, routes and challenges differ markedly. 

Low Gap, Ukiah – The season and lung opener provides possibly the most stacked field you’ll find anywhere in January. This highly anticipated event provides bragging rights that will last the whole year. A course of two halves, the first of which is comprised of broken tarmac and is climbing focused. The second half is a challenging undulating, redwood lined roller coaster. Short in distance, high in intensity. 

Huffmaster, Maxwell – The second event of the series takes place in February and with that comes the mixed bag that is California weather, so one must be prepared for everything!

Rolling green hills with a myriad of colors courtesy of the springtime wild flowers and snowcapped mountains. This spectacular backdrop is complimented by the serene quiet of vast expanses of natural beauty. 

Lake Sonoma – Different Bike. Same Grasshopper. As if to hark back to its routes, the hard tail mountain bike might just be the best for this event. Steep gradients both up and down, ribbons of single track all with the shimmering, sparkling Lake Sonoma in view 

Ukiah-Mendo Gravel Epic – This event offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience private trails that are typically closed year round to the public.  As part of the global Gravel Earth Series, the Ukiah-Mendo Gravel Epic gives riders a world class destination showcasing the best of Northern California’s redwood forests and turquoise oceans. Although challenging in typical Grasshopper fashion, riders will be rewarded with a near traffic free ride and spectacular scenery as the course gains elevation and glimpses of the coast.

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