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SINCE 1972

Team Italia XC Ski

From our earliest days, we have been designing bespoke garments for the leading cross-country skiing champions.

Over the years we have developed a range of customizable products to meet every request.

Enter our tailor's shop to make your style and ideas come true. Within eight weeks we will be ready to dress you up for your next group date.

Ready to go?



We think of our service as a tailoring business. That’s why we like to work together to understand your needs, and we make our experts available to you right from the start. We assign you a single contact who will draw on his or her experience to guide you step-by-step in the creation of your garment. Contact us at this address and we’ll help you choose the garments, assist you with the design and finalize the order together. But if you prefer to start working on your design yourself, before contacting us, here’s how.

Doro Style


Here’s how to give free rein to your imagination:
  1. Download the design kit below.
  2. Use the pdf workbook to select the garments that meet your needs. Inside you’ll find all the pieces in the custom collection and their technical characteristics to guide you in your choices.
  3. Once you’ve identified the products, start drawing within the design template. You can find the items you’ve chosen by referring to the product codes placed next to the figures.
  4. Enter the quantities and sizes for each product in the order form.
  5. Submit the order by sending the graphics and order form to
  6. Receive your products at home in eight weeks.


You can compare a maximum of 5 items at once. Please Remove at least one product before adding a new one.