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cyclist bikepacking in wild landscape
Exploro Cycling Club

Welcome to the Wild: Sportful partners with Exploro Cycling Club.

The story of how all-road cycling, passion, and common goals brought Sportful and together to seek new adventures. Friends are the family we choose, and Sportful is excited to welcome the Exploro Cycling Club to its home! is a small but dynamic group of riders sharing adventure cycling dreams. The sports club was born to support the organization of international bikepacking events and races in remote and fascinating regions. It's currently hosting the Trans Balkan Race, Istra Land, and CARSO Trail.

bikepacking adventure
bikepacking adventure

In 2023, Sportful will join forces with to empower more people to take on riding adventures! We're committed to documenting and sharing the extraordinary challenges that accompany bikepacking trips, the incredible places bikes can take us, and the people we meet along the way.
Join us on this journey to discover the essence of adventure cycling: freedom, self-sufficiency, and fun, with a sprinkle of exploration. Anyone's free to add their ingredients to the ride and embrace the wild side of cycling. In May, Sportful will peek through the preparations for CARSO Trail and party on the trails of the kraška region. In June, we'll follow the suspense of a 1350 km bikepacking race into the harsh nature of the Balkans - and the participants' journeys to reach the finish line of the Trans Balkan Race. In September, we'll guide you across the vineyards of Istria and ride along the crystal clear sea of the Adriatic, to say goodbye to summer at Istra Land.

bikepacking adventure
bikepacking adventure

This project comes to life as friendship does. Sportful and first met in a small bike shop in Slovenia and quickly became ride partners. The mutual respect and time spent together on the bike eventually built into the partnership born today. Welcome, Exploro Cycling Club!

team exploro cycling club celebrating
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